Natural Looking Results

Dr. William Palin is a highly respected plastic surgeon. This, of course, means that he is a good choice if you want a complex procedure such as a facelift, a thigh lift or breast augmentation done to improve your appearance. Recently, a very disturbing trend has emerged wherein people who are not qualified to give injections of dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables are giving them under the table. This is a remarkably bad idea.

Why You Need a Surgeon

When you look at the wrinkles on your face, you would probably naturally think that, to get rid of them, you would give yourself a Botox injection somewhere around the wrinkle. This is not always the case. It takes a studied knowledge of physiology to understand where these injections have to be given to give the desired results. Remember: Even if an injection is given by an amateur and doesn’t give you the results that you want, you have still received an injection of Botox or a dermal filler and it is still in your body, it’s simply in the wrong place. This can have serious implications for your health, obviously, and is something you should never allow anyone to do.

Get a Surgeon

Dr. William Palin and the entire staff at the Aesthetic Center are held to the highest standards of practice in everything they do. In addition to being held to the standards imposed by the state and that are required of anyone providing medical services, the Aesthetic Center goes out of its way to provide services that are beyond other providers in terms of quality and safety.

If you want natural looking results from product such as Juvederm and Botox, you absolutely must have a qualified cosmetic surgeon provide you with those injections so that the work is done right and the results are what you desire.

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