Lip Enhancement

From Dr. William Palin

One of the first things that get noticed when you talk to someone is the look of your mouth. There are few things as attractive as full, youthful lips and, with the right treatments, women and men can both improve the look of their faces in this regard.

Full lips connote youth, sensuality, health and draw people’s eyes to your face. Combined with glowing, wrinkle-free skin and youthful eyes, full lips project an image of vigor, overall health and greatly enhance one’s attractiveness.


Everyone’s lips will thin as they age. For some people, this happens very quickly, adding years to their face. At the same time, the way we live and the medical technology that we have access to enables us to be active—and attractive—longer than ever before. Having lip enhancement done is one of the most accessible, convenient and effective ways to get the benefits of plastic surgery technology.

Not One Size Fits All

Not everyone wants very full, pouty lips, of course, and lip enhancement techniques can provide excellent results for people who want something more subtle. It can even provide great results for those who want a bit of improvement, such as simply getting rid of a dried, chapped appearance that can sometimes come as the lips thin out and begin to look older.

The Aesthetic Center gives every patient the same high-quality treatment, whether they’re coming in for a complex procedure or a simple series of injections designed to improve the appearance of their lips. Dr. William Palin is able to provide lip enhancement for anyone, no matter what their specific needs and goals for their appearance. Whether you want the sexy, full-lipped pout that celebrities tend to go for or just want to take a few years off of your smile and feel a bit sexier, Dr. Palin can help.

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