Juvederm Gel

From Dr. William Palin

juvederm-logo1Juvederm Gel is a relatively new treatment that has made a big splash in the world of cosmetic surgery already. The gel contains hyaluronic acid, which is found in your skin already. This substance adds volume to your skin and helps promote hydration.

The gel consistency of Juvederm fills out your skin and promotes a smooth appearance that can take years off of your face in the space of a treatment. The treatment is very convenient. Dr. Palin will simply ease it under the skin and the Juvederm will fill out those lines around your mouth and nose, the folds in your face and other features that tend to connote age.

This treatment has been proven to give better results than collagen-based fillers and is very popular with patients. In studies conducted using Juvederm, people who were given these treatments reported a more than impressive 90% satisfaction rating with the results of the treatment.

Facelifts and other surgical treatments may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that everyone cannot benefit from what cosmetic treatments have to offer. Juvederm is a good example of how Dr. Palin can help people who want to achieve a healthier, younger and, of course, sexier look by having some work done on their face.

This treatment doesn’t require you to take time off work, doesn’t require you to go through a surgery and, for some people, may be the ideal solution for a few lines here and there that they’d really like to see go. If you’re ready to make your face a bit younger and to get the look you want but aren’t ready for a facelift or other procedure, talk to Dr. Palin about Juvederm and see if what this treatment offers might be the ideal solution for you.

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