Breast Augmentation $3800
(any size saline implant)

Mini-facelift $6000

Mini-Abdominoplasty from $4000

Botox $10 per unit first area
(Additional areas $8 per unit)

Abdominoplasty $5900

  • Standard Tummy Tuck
  • Abdominal Muscle Repair
  • Liposuction of Flanks

All plastic surgery specials include all surgeon, anesthesia, & operating room fees.*Must pay with Cash, Cashiers Check or Debit Card. Surgery must be completed by 12/1/13. Discounts may apply.

Why Liposuction Continues to Gain Popularity Among Men

Sexy Caucasian Fit ManIt may surprise you, but the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure currently is that of liposuction for men.  Liposuction has always been a procedure that has been associated with women.  The benefits of it, though, which can be felt by both men and women alike, are finally starting to be realized by the males in the world.  The popularity is undeniable as more and more men are turning to plastic surgery to get their bodies where they want them to be and give them a look that boosts their own confidence level.
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Understanding what is involved with a Liposuction Recovery

Dark shadows cast over sexy lingerie model

Recovering from any surgical experience can be quite an endeavor for any man or woman.  Surgery is no joke, whether it be a cosmetic procedure or something that is more serious.  The goal of surgery, though, is to usually provide us with some type of benefit.  This typically makes the trials and tribulations of going through the procedure worth it in the long run.  This is typically the case with liposuction, one of the more common and popular plastic surgery procedures out there.
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What to do Physically to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Preparing yourself for any surgical procedure is very important.  This is especially the case for a plastic surgery procedure that you are going to go through.  The more prep work that you put in physically, the better off you are going to be in terms of avoiding complications, reducing recovery time, and having a smooth procedure overall.

Runner woman with heart rate monitor running on beach with watch
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How Liposuction Can Change your life for the better

Liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures available.  It is something that is received by men and women of all ages, all shapes, and all sizes.  It is one of those universal type procedures that can provide benefits to those who want to reshape their body in one way or another.  Simply put, liposuction can change your life for the better.

Woman's Fingers Measuring Her Belly Fat
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