Breast Augmentation $3800
(any size saline implant)

Mini-facelift $6000

Mini-Abdominoplasty from $4000

Botox $10 per unit first area
(Additional areas $8 per unit)

Abdominoplasty $5900

  • Standard Tummy Tuck
  • Abdominal Muscle Repair
  • Liposuction of Flanks

All plastic surgery specials include all surgeon, anesthesia, & operating room fees.*Must pay with Cash, Cashiers Check or Debit Card. Surgery must be completed by 12/1/13. Discounts may apply.

How A Facelift Can Change Your Life

Plastic Surgery

We all want to do things that can help to improve our quality of life.  This is why we go to such great lengths to try and improve our appearance, improve how we feel about ourselves mentally.  Thankfully, we have great plastic surgeons such as those at the Aesthetic Center of Jacksonville that are here for you whenever you want to try and have something done to make that quality of life that much better.  One of the ways that many people do this is with a facelift.  A facelift is one of the most popular and common plastic surgery procedures in the world.  This is because of the many benefits that a facelift Ponte Vedra FL can bring to your life.  A facelift can do so much for your physical appearance, how you feel about yourself, and so on. Read more »

Tighten Your Skin With A Facelift

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There are some areas of your body that simply get more attention than others.  One such area is that of your face.  Your face is an extremely significant part of your entire body and your identity as a whole.  When someone looks at you, they are going to associate with you and your identity based on your facial appearance.  When your face is one that is always looking tired or worn out, that is something that is going to be stuck with you.  A face that is not what you want it to be can have a very negative impact on your confidence, your self-esteem, and everything else.  When you look in the mirror, you should have a smile on your face when you see the reflection that is beaming back at you.   Read more »

The Long Term Benefits of a Facelift

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How many times in a given day do you sit there and look in the mirror?  Whenever you stare into a mirror, your face is the reflection that you get back 100% of the time.  What are your feelings about your face through?  The face that you have is arguably the most significant part of your body and your identity overall.  When someone sees your face they immediately think about you, your name, your personality, your identity.  When you have a facial appearance that you are simply not all that fond of, you may find yourself looking to try and improve it.  The strange thing with your face is that there is not too much that you can do on your own to change its appearance.  It is not like fat that you have in the stomach that you can work off with running and crunches.  When you need to change your facial appearance, a facelift Jacksonville FL procedure may be your best and only route. Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About A Facelift Surgery

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One very common trait about pretty much all types of plastic surgery is that there is a lot of misinformation.  People hear the name of a plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift or a breast augmentation procedure and immediately think that they know what it is all about.  This could not be farther from the truth.  The reality is that there are a lot of nuances to these procedures that can really impact what you think the procedures can and cannot help you accomplish across the board.  When you are going to put your body through any type of surgical procedure, it is best that you know as much as possible.  Information can truly be a powerful thing when you are talking about any plastic surgery procedure, especially facelift surgery Jacksonville FL. Read more »

Recovery From A Facelift Surgery

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No matter what type of surgery that you may go through, there is always going to be some type of recovery that goes along with it.  In the case of a surgery that is largely voluntary, you want to put the time in beforehand to be sure that you really understand what you are getting yourself into.  This is especially the case with something such as any plastic surgery procedure, a facelift for example.  While it is true that many plastic surgery procedures have pretty minimal recovery roads, there are still some things that you are going to want to take into account.  What is great about plastic surgery and a facelift is that as long as you put the time in, you can gain a full understanding of everything before the surgery ever begins. Read more »

How Facelifts Are Customized To Each Patient

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Every single one of us is unique in terms of the way that we live our lives.  We all have different body types, we all have different personalities.  Though some of us may look alike, we are very different in our own little ways.  The same can be said for a plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift.  Ask any surgeon out there and they will tell you that it is very rare that when they do something like a facelift procedure, that it is exactly like the last one.  There are always going to be nuances, little things that set one procedure apart from the other.  This is a good thing though because that means that we are putting the time in to be sure that you are getting a customized treatment that is going to give you the results you are looking for. Read more »

Three Ways a Facelift Can Change Your Life for the Better

Facelift Concept

You probably have heard about the plastic surgery procedure that is known as a facelift.  There are often many misconceptions though about what a facelift plastic surgery procedure should actually be used for.  When you think about your entire appearance, your face really is the biggest part of your body.  When you look in the mirror, your face is the first thing that is going to be staring back at you.  So what should you do then when your face is not what you want it to be?  What happens when your face looks tired or worn out?  Do you feel as though your face is taking away from how confident you are in yourself and your appearance?  In the event that this is the case, you should strongly think about turning to a facelift Jacksonville procedure. Read more »

What Are the Benefits Associated With a Facelift Plastic Surgery Procedure?

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Plastic surgery can do so many great things for men and women living in the Jacksonville, FL and Fernandina Beach, FL areas.  When you think about plastic surgery a number of different procedures are immediately going to come to mind.  You are going to likely think about things such as a tummy tuck.  You may think about a liposuction procedure, a nose job, or something else along those lines.  The plastic surgery procedure that surgeons are most well-known for though is that of the facelift.  The facelift procedure has been around since the early days of plastic surgery and continues to be a staple, one of the most popular and well-known procedures anyone goes through. Read more »