Lip Augmentation

From Dr. William Palin

Lip augmentation procedures can provide the full, thick lips that people associate with youth. Obviously, if you’re striving for a sexier appearance, this is one of the first cosmetic procedures that you should consider. Conveniently enough, lip augmentation is also one of the most easily completed cosmetic procedures available. Most of these procedures can be done in the space of an office visit and, in fact, many of them only involve one injection.


There are many different options where lip augmentation is concerned. Some people have fat taken from a different area of their body and injected into their lips. This, of course, ensures that the material being used to fill out their lips is most certainly compatible with their body and is the best option for some patients. Other people have different materials put into their lips, including collagen, Autologen implants and other options.



Laser lip rejuvenation is another option that is made possible by some of the most advanced technology available. This type of lip augmentation actually tightens up the tissues supporting the lips, imparting a more youthful, healthier look to the lips overall.

When Should You Do It?

Your lips will get thinner as you age. This is simply one of the effects of aging that you cannot avoid. When you decide to do something about it, however, is entirely up to you. There are so many different options with this type of cosmetic procedure and the procedure is so easily completed that there’s really no reason to hesitate in having it done.

Even younger people with thinner lips can benefit from these procedures. Dr. Palin can provide you with lip augmentation that gives you the results you need by ensuring that the injection is done correctly, in the proper place and utilizing the best materials for your body.

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