Forehead Lift

From Dr. William Palin

Do people always assume that you’re worrying about something, angry about something or characterize you as brooding? It could very well be the lines in your forehead. Over time, these lines can become very deep and pronounced and, unfortunately, become one of the most recognizable features on your face. A forehead lift is a procedure that Dr. Palin can perform that can remove the horizontal lines and other features on your forehead that give you an appearance that may suggest emotions that you’re probably not even experiencing. Of course, this procedure also makes you look younger, which is one of the primary reasons that people have it done.

In preparation for a forehead lift, the hair is tied back with rubber bands in front of and behind the incision area. An incision is usually made across the top of the head, just behind the hairline.Forehead skin is gently lifted and portions of facial muscle and excess skin are removed. The incision is then closed with stitches or clips.The result of a forehead lift is a younger, more rested look.

Who Has It Done?

The majority of people who have a forehead lift done are middle-aged or older. There are people, however, who have gone through a great deal of stress during their lives who may have developed frown lines from the experience. In younger people, a forehead lift can alleviate this and restore a more appropriately youthful appearance.

For people who are 40 years of age or older, the first signs of aging are oftentimes the wrinkles that permanently show up in the forehead. This really can have an effect on how people react to you. They may assume that you are cross with them or that you are stressed, when you are not at all, simply because you have permanent lines in your forehead.This procedure is similar to a facelift in that it tightens and firms up the skin and removes the lines. Dr. Palin can consult with you and let you know whether or not a forehead lift would be appropriate or whether other treatments, such as Botox injections, may provide the results that you want. Dr. Palin’s experience and aesthetic sensibilities, however, ensure that you will always get the best results from this particular procedure.

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