From Dr. William Palin

The facelift is probably the surgery for which cosmetic surgeons are most well-known. The surgery involves making an incision around the area of the ear, pulling the skin tighter and, thereby, reducing wrinkles, extra folds of skin and other signs of aging. It is, by far, one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available. It is, however, also a surgery and, like any other surgery, people considering it need to understand what to expect.

The Surgery

The surgery itself is done under anesthesia and there won’t be any pain involved when the procedure is actually performed. Following the procedure, most patients report very little pain at all. Physicians generally prescribed some pain medication, just in case.

Some patients will need to have a drainage tube inserted during the surgery, which is removed a couple of days after the surgery has been completed, at most. The removal of staples and sutures used to close up the wounds usually takes place approximately a week after the surgery is completed.

You will need to give yourself a bit of time to recover after having this surgery done. Bruising and swelling are common. During the recovery, particularly during the first few days, cold compresses may be employed to make certain that swelling doesn’t get out of hand and to increase comfort levels.

The Results

A skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Palin can provide excellent results with this procedure. For people who have wrinkling and other signs of aging all over their face and for whom Botox and other treatments are simply insufficient, a facelift may be the best possible option. It takes a very experienced and very skilled surgeon to perform this procedure, however, and the results really do depend upon the skill of the surgeon doing the work. Dr. Palin has years of experience and excellent aesthetic sensibilities that enable him to achieve consistently impressive results.




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