Ear Surgery

From Dr. William Palin

Otoplasty is the technical term for surgery on the ears. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, this one tends to be done on people who are younger, though adults sometimes wait a long time to actually have it performed themselves.

For younger people, having protruding ears can cause a great deal of distress. As everyone knows, children can be excessively cruel to one another and having ears that protrude can result in a child being teased, ostracized or made to feel unattractive in ways that can have lifelong effects on them psychologically. This is why some parents and children agree to have the surgery done, typically at a very young age.

In children, Dr. Palin will be able to perform the surgery after the child’s ears have reached their full size. This generally occurs around the age of five or six years old and can correct problems both severe and mild.

In younger children, when the surgery is performed as soon as possible, the child may be able to avoid ever being teased or harassed for having rather distinctive ears. In older people, this surgery can go a long way toward improving self-esteem.

More than Pinning

Ear surgery is often referred to as pinning the ears, though there are many options other than this. Some people also have unusually shaped ears that they want corrected, and Dr. Palin can accommodate this in some circumstances. Other people have experienced damage to the ears from accidents, illnesses and, in some cases, from particular sports, that can be repaired by a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Whether you are young or old, having your surgery may be one of the most significantly psychologically beneficial things you could do. In fact, many people who do have ears that protrude enough to catch attention actually have quite beautiful ears once they are pinned back into a more natural position.

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