Brow Lift

From Dr. William Palin

A brow lift is another term for a forehead lift. This type of surgery is most often undertaken to correct the signs of aging and, in some individuals, damage caused by excessive stress.

As we age, the frown lines and furrows in our brows tend to become more pronounced. They can, in fact, become so pronounced that they become the most distinctive features of our faces. Brow lift surgeries correct this by relaying the skin over the muscle, restoring a smoother appearance to the brows and eliminating one of the most distinctive signs of getting older.

Choosing This Surgery

brow1Brow lifts can be done on their own or they can be done in conjunction with other surgeries. Some people who want a complete makeover go ahead and get other surgeries done at the same time. This is an excellent option or those who have found that they have aged particularly fast in their face and who want to shave a few decades off of their appearance with a relatively simple surgery.

Having a Good Doctor

Cosmetic surgery can produce astounding results or it can barely make a difference and your choice in doctors has a significant impact on which happens to be the case. Dr. Palin has experience and aesthetic sensibilities that allow him to achieve great results for his patients and that, moreover, allow him to help patients decide upon which procedures would be the best for them, given their goals.

Brow lift surgeries may be the best options for some patients. Others may need a facelift to get the results that they want and still others may be able to achieve their desired results with injections. Dr. Palin will ensure that, no matter which option you choose, you’ll get exactly the results that you want and that your appearance will match your desires.

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