Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

From Dr. William Palin

Facial plastic and cosmetic surgery is one of the areas where cosmetic surgeons can really help patients to restore confidence and, in many regards, to improve their overall quality of life. Facial plastic and cosmetic surgery are sometimes done to correct issues that result from illnesses or accidents and sometimes done simply because the patient wants a slightly different look and cosmetic surgery provides a viable option for achieving that.

Among the most common types of facial plastic surgery are facelifts and nose surgeries. These types of surgeries help people to defy the effects of aging, in the case of the former, and oftentimes help people to change the one part of their face they find the most aesthetically objectionable, in the case of the latter. Facial surgeries can go far beyond this in terms of what they offer, however.

Lip augmentation can give people fuller, thicker lips that many find much more attractive. Eyelid surgery can correct issues related to drooping and other problems. Ear surgery helps people whose ears are too prominent to get them sculpted and positioned so that they are more aesthetically pleasing.

Facial cosmetic and plastic surgery is sometimes a means by which a person’s life can be improved dramatically. People with very noticeable and very severe facial deformities oftentimes live life with everyone they interact with reacting to their facial deformity rather than reacting to them as a human being. Corrective surgery can oftentimes drastically reduce the severity of disfigurement and deformities, providing a great boost in confidence.

Dr. Palin provides the highest quality care for those who come in for facial procedures. Some of these procedures present a range of options and, with Dr. Palin’s guidance, patients can figure out which of the options are the best for them and which will yield the most improvement.

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