Breast Enlargement

From Dr. William Palin

Breast enlargement is one way that women can alter the appearance of their bodies in a fashion that can result in significantly increased self-esteem. Breast enlargement is a separate procedure from a breast lift or breast reconstruction. Breast enlargement is a procedure in which implants are placed underneath the breasts, giving them a larger appearance and, at the same time, maintaining their natural look and feel.


Breast enlargement techniques have improved tremendously over the years. There has never been a time when the results are so consistently natural looking and appealing as they are now. In addition to getting better results, women have more choices than they had up until recently. In 2006, the FDA changed their policy so that women could get silicone breast implants if they wanted to. They had not been allowed to do so unless they were having breast reconstruction surgery from the 1990s until 2006.


Silicone breast implants provide a very natural look and feel that makes them the most appealing option for some women. These types of breast implants do not pose any increased risk of any disease. Claims that they do have circulated widely through popular culture, but scientific investigation has demonstrated that there is no such connection.

Saline filled breast implants are filled with, essentially, saltwater. These breast implants may not be as aesthetically appealing to some women, but they do have a significant advantage. These breast implants can be adjusted after they are inserted, allowing the level of enlargement to be changed after the surgery without completely removing the implant.

Dr. Palin can provide expert services where breast enlargement is concerned. Whether you want a significant increase in size or a modest increase in size, he has the experience to provide you with excellent results that you will most certainly be more than satisfied with.

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