Tummy Tuck

From Dr. William Palin

Abdominoplasty is a surgery in which excess skin and fat are removed from the lower abdomen. The surgery typically involves tightening up the muscles in that area, as well. The surgery is done on both women and men, though it is particularly popular with women who have had a child and want to get rid of extra folds of skin on their abdomen.

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure. This procedure is best performed on women and men who are in good physical condition. This is not a surgery that is designed to remove a large amount of fat from the body without the person having to go through dieting or exercise to do so. In fact, it is most effective on people who are in good shape but who have extra skin or a fat deposit here and there around the abdomen that they want to get removed and that will respond to dieting or vigorous exercise.

The Procedure

There are two types of tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck involves making an incision that runs across the body, starting at one hip bone and ending at the other. The surgery will involve removing excess skin and fat and relaying the skin over the muscle so that it fits your body more appropriately. This eliminates folds of skin that may have developed because you gained a great deal of weight and suddenly lost it, because you had a child or because you’re simply getting older.

It will take a while to recover from this procedure and you will have to wear a support for a time. For people who have lost a great deal of weight, however, a tummy tuck often enables them to get exactly the body they were trying to get when they dropped weight, but which they were foiled in getting by extra skin or stubborn fat deposits.

An incision just above the pubic area is used to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen.Skin is separated from the abdominal wall all the way up to the ribs.
The surgeon draws underlying muscle and tissue together and stitches them, thereby narrowing the waistline and strengthening the abdominal wall.Abdominal skin is drawn down and excess is removed. With complete abdominoplasty, a new opening is cut for the navel. Both incisions are stitched closed.
After surgery, the patient has a flatter, trimmer abdomen. Scars are permanent, but will fade with time.

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