Thigh Lift

From Dr. William Palin

For some women, one of the most distressing features on their body is cellulite. This generally appears on the surface of the skin as dimpling, wrinkling and other distortions of the tissue around the thighs.

A thigh lift is an outpatient procedure in some cases but, in other cases, you may need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days to heal up. To complete the surgery, Dr. Palin will make an incision near the groin and separate the skin from the underlying tissue. Excess skin is removed at this point and then the flap of tissue is reattached, stretched out so that it has a smoother appearance.

Depending upon your situation, you may need to have a drainage tube inserted for a couple of days following the procedure. You will have a scar, but it is generally quite small and it is easily concealed, even if you’re at the beach and you’re wearing a bathing suit or a bikini.

Reduce the Signs of Aging

For many women, the appearance of cellulite is one of the signs of aging that is the most onerous of all. This procedure can eliminate that and restore a healthier, smoother and more youthful appearance to the area around the thighs. This is particularly desirable for women who like to spend a lot of time at the beach, who are very active and who spend a lot of time with their legs exposed, because of this.

Dr. Palin is able to offer this service to women as a way to help them increase their self-esteem, have the look they want and to enjoy a very youthful appearance. To find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, consult with Dr. Palin and he can tell you if a thigh lift or another procedure would give you the results that you want.

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