Mommy Makeover

From Dr. William Palin

Jacksonville LiposuctionA mommy makeover consists of a range of different procedures, selected depending upon your specific needs. Generally, it includes liposuction, removal of excess skin and procedures that lift the breasts and other parts of the body, as needed.


You will likely get better results if you are already in good physical condition and have lost as much weight as you can manage before you have the procedures done. Cosmetic surgery can drastically improve your looks and restore your body to the way you want it, but it is not a substitute for getting fit and being in good health. People in good health always get better results from plastic surgery.

Time Frame

Some women will end up waiting well over a year before they decide to have a mommy makeover. Part of this has to do with having the time to go through the procedures. Some of the procedures, such as a tummy tuck, may require a bit of recovery time and, of course, new mothers typically have very little time to spare.

Dr. William Palin can consult with you to determine which procedures would work best to restore your body the way you remember it. Most women choose to have cellulite removed, their breasts lifted and stretch marks removed as part of the procedure. Your particular case may be different, however.

Remember that your lifestyle will play into how much success you have from any cosmetic procedures. Where mommy makeovers are concerned, some women may end up waiting several years before they get the procedure done and other women may end up getting the procedure much sooner, simply depending upon their lifestyle, the amount of time they have and the amount of work they want to put into getting fit before they go ahead and have cosmetic procedures done.

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