Arm Lift

From Dr. William Palin

An arm lift is a procedure that has benefits for men and women alike. For women, excess skin oftentimes becomes a problem underneath the biceps. For men, arms are one of the most distinctively masculine features and, in fact, is one of the first features that people who are attracted to you tend to look at. This means that men can benefit from the surgery, particularly if they have lost a lot of weight and have loose skin on their arms that they want to eliminate.

When to Consider this Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries generally give the best results to people who are already in good physical condition when they have the procedures done. For many people who get arm lifts, this is their situation. Many of them have dropped a great deal of weight and, because of that, their skin has become loose and it affects their overall appearance.

An arm lift can be done in conjunction with other procedures that are designed to address the same issue. For example, people who have experienced drastic weight loss oftentimes have loose skin around their tummy and on their thighs, as well, and getting that taking care of can result in a great aesthetic improvement to their body overall.


If you believe that an arm lift would help you to improve your appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. William Palin to discuss your options. Dr. Palin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience and a dedication to providing his patients with the best possible aesthetic results. An arm lift may be the only thing standing between you and finally having the toned, attractive arms that you have always wanted. Male or female, arms are one of the first things that people see when they look at us and do say something about our overall fitness and lifestyle.

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